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Internet Tips : If the internet is not working even though the Wi-Fi setup is correct, follow these tips

New Delhi: Wi-Fi Speed: Nowadays it is hard to imagine urban life without internet. Digital India concept and cheaper Jio plans have brought internet to rural and urban areas. Also, due to Corona, the world has become digitally connected very fast and in today’s era Wi-Fi facility is also found in lakhs of homes in the country. But, sometimes Wi-Fi has some weird problems. Internet is not working even though all settings are fine. If you are also facing this problem then no need to panic and you can restore your Wi-Fi connectivity through the four methods given below.

Reconnect to Wi-Fi:

This is the most common method. If internet is not working in phone or laptop after connecting Wi-Fi in your phone, you should first disconnect Wi-Fi from phone. After a while you can connect to Wi-Fi. The advantage of this is that the problem with Wi-Fi will be fixed and the Internet will be restored with Wi-Fi.

Forget WiFi Network :

For this, go to the phone’s settings and go to the Wi-Fi section. Then tap on the Forget option. Then search for the Wi-Fi network again. Now reconnect to the Wi-Fi network by entering the password. This can solve the Wi-Fi problem.

Change DNS server:

A DNS server converts website links to IP addresses. If the internet is not working on the Android phone even when connected to Wi-Fi, it could also be due to a problem with the domain server of the internet provider. So even changing the DNS sometimes solves the Wi-Fi problem.

Also check the settings of the router:

If none of the methods work, you should check your router. Sometimes due to router problem also Wi-Fi not working properly. In such case restart the router and then fix the Wi-Fi problem.

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