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Internet speed will slow down, don’t make these mistakes with SIM

New Delhi: Jio had recently announced High Speed ​​5G Internet. Jio’s 5G has started in many cities. But, today we are giving you information about some methods which can reduce internet speed. If you want super fast internet speed on your smartphone, don’t do anything wrong. This can slow down your phone’s internet speed.

Be it Jio or Airtel, we often see that the internet speed gets slow while changing the phone. The reason behind this is that we slot the primary SIM into the secondary SIM. But, you don’t know this mistake. Because, if the SIM is inserted in the primary slot, it gives good internet speed. If the SIM is inserted in the secondary slot, the internet speed is not high. So you should always insert the SIM into the primary SIM slot while using the internet.

Apart from this, dirty SIM also slows down the internet speed. Since the SIM is dirty, it is important to keep it clean at all times. If this is happening to you too, you need to clean the SIM immediately. Because, as this is the case, the smartphone does not read the SIM. If this happens, you will also have difficulty making calls.

Currently, the trend of WiFi Calling is very much going on. That means calling can be done with the help of internet in WiFi Area. But, when you come out of WiFi Area. Can’t call at that time. So try to turn off the Airplane Mode after turning the phone on Airplane Mode. By doing this the phone’s network is good again.

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