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Internet from Starlink launched in Antarctica

At the McMurdo polar station in Antarctica, they began testing the operation of the Starlink satellite Internet. SpaceX provided a terminal for this. Thus, Starlink communication is now available on all seven continents.

Test results are yet to be released, but there are currently more than 3,200 SpaceX satellites operating in low Earth orbit. In total, the companies are currently allowed to launch 12,000, but they are seeking permission from the US Federal Communications Commission to increase the grouping to 30,000.

Launch expected in 2023 second generation satellites, which will be larger and more powerful than current models. They, among other things, will provide satellite communications on smartphones with 5G support. It is expected that the speed will be 2-4 Mbps, which is enough for the transfer of text messages and small files. To do this, SpaceX and T-Mobile signed an agreement to provide such communications throughout the United States.

And earlier Elon Musk and Apple discussed the possibility of using the Starlink satellite network to call for help in the iPhone 14. Although it is not yet clear whether the Cupertino-based company will use this network.

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