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International Women’s Day: Women must install these 5 apps in their phones, help will be available in emergency

New Delhi, Tech Desk. Society is slowly changing, but we are still far from a world where a woman can walk alone at night and breathe in the open sky. Still women are looking for a strong base. In such a situation, there are some special apps to help women, which can help women in case of emergency. Let us know about the 5 best apps on the special occasion of International Women’s Day 2022, which women must have installed on their phones.

Defense (RAKSHA)

Defense is a great app. Once installed on the phone, it gets added to the calling system. This app sends alerts to those contacts whom you have placed in emergency contact in case of emergency. In times of emergency, at the press of a button, an alert goes to those contacts. This shares your location. If this app is not working, you can still send an alert by pressing and holding the volume keys for three seconds and you don’t need internet to do this.


This app is loaded with many special features. In this, you get to see features like emergency contact numbers, GPS tracking, directions to safe places. This application is a good option for safety. The app is called SafePin because it pins safe places for you and prevents you from visiting unsafe places.

SMART 24 × 7

The app is equipped with call center support, a system for sending panic alerts, and a press button to connect with emergency contacts. This application gives an option to click on some such picture in case of emergency, which gives a signal to the police.


BeeSafe allows you to track your location by your emergency contact. Also allows taking pictures, audios and videos of your surroundings and sending them to various emergency contacts. 


Chilla is one such app that can help you in times of crisis. Like other apps, Chilla also has an emergency button, but this one has something special. If the user is not able to press the emergency button given in this, then he just shouts loudly in the time of emergency, then this app will be activated automatically. The app will then send an alert to your emergency contacts.

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