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Interface connoisseur praises the design of dashboards in Starfield

No matter how much Starfield may be criticized, the game is still full of details that help you truly live out space travel and feel like an explorer. One of these details is the realistic interfaces of various devices.


The UI design was noticed by a gamer with the nickname Mattgyvercom. He collected a whole collection of thematic screenshots, which show the realistic design of various interfaces – from shower cabins to spaceships. In the comments to the post, many agreed that in Starfield the control panels for equipment look surprisingly functional, because usually the authors forget about practicality for the sake of style.

The scale of Starfield made it possible for different gamers to find something to their liking in the game. For example, one fan devoted dozens of hours to decorating his own home, another created a real brochure dedicated to creating generators, and yet another went exploring the galaxy .


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