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Interesting Facts: No TTE-No Ticket, people are traveling for free in this Indian train for 75 years

Indian Railways Amazing fact:  Train is considered to be the most economical way to go from one place to another. It saves your time and is very comfortable. The cost of traveling by train is also less. Today the network of trains in India has become so big that it has become the fourth largest rail network in the world. You must have often seen people traveling without tickets. TT catches such people and invoices them, but today we are going to tell you about the train, you do not need any kind of ticket to travel in it, this train is absolutely free for all passengers. . If you are thinking that we are going to mention any foreign train, then it is not so at all. This train runs only in India, about which you will be surprised to hear.

Which is this train?

This free train of India has been making people travel for free for about 75 years, not from today. This train runs near the border of Punjab and Himachal and is famous as Bhakra-Nangal train. Let us tell you that this train runs between Bhakra and Nangal. When tourists from all over the world come to see the Bhakra-Nangal Dam, then they use this train. Not a single rupee is charged from these tourists for this train, nor is any ticket charged for it. Talking about the history of this train, it was started in the year 1948. You will be surprised to know that the coaches of this train are made of wood, when this train was started, it used to have 10 coaches but now it has only 3 coaches. Talking about the people traveling in it, about 800 people travel in it everyday.

This train is the heritage and tradition of the country

This train is seen as the heritage and tradition of the country. In the year 2011, in view of the financial loss, it was decided to stop its free service but later it was withdrawn and this train was kept free for the people.


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