Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Intel, will the performance of the processors themselves increase? Company promises big growth, but so far only for blocks of artificial intelligence

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Manufacturers of processors have already begun to focus attention not on the performance of the processor part itself, but on the blocks of artificial intelligence. And further, apparently, the accents will be mixed only stronger. For example, the head of Intel said that the CPU line Panther Lake will be much faster than Arrow Lake, but only in part II.

The increase in productivity will be twofold. This is a lot, and it is hardly possible to achieve such progress for CPU in one generation. And here are the blocks of AI in processors — the direction is new, and progress here will be very rapid, and will serve such well for marketing purposes.

The head of Intel in his speech focused specifically on AI.


The Core Ultra platform delivers leading AI performance today, and our next-generation platforms, launching later this year, Lunar Lake and Arrow Lake, triple our AI performance. In 2025, with Panther Lake we will increase AI performance twofold.

That is, for two generations Intel will be able to increase the performance of the NPU block about six times, although it is still not clear why this is needed by users.

CPU Panther Lake will appear on the market in 2025. These processors will be manufactured according to the Intel 18A standard and will have big and small cores based on the new architecture.

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