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Intel wants to be number two by 2030. The company spoke about its plans for the market of contract manufacturing of semiconductors

Intel aims to become the second largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world by 2030. To do this, she will have to bypass Samsung, which now just occupies this very second place.
For itself, Intel has been producing semiconductor products for a very long time, but last year the company created Intel Foundry Services and, as part of a new strategy, announced that it would become a contract manufacturer, that is, it would produce products for other companies, such as Samsung or TSMC, which leads now this market.


Our goal is to be the number two foundry in the world by the end of the decade and we expect to achieve leading foundry margins


We don’t have exact figures from Intel at the moment, but the IFS division earned $576 million this year. With the completion of its acquisition of Tower Semiconductor in early 2023, Intel will increase its IFS division’s annual revenue by approximately $1.5 billion annually. After the deal is completed, Intel will rise to seventh or eighth place in the market, but in terms of revenue, it will still be significantly inferior to Samsung Foundry, or even more so to TSMC. The last two now occupy 16.3% and 53.6% of the market, respectively. But UMC and GlobalFoundries, which are in third and fourth places, respectively, occupy only 6.9% and 5.9%.
At the moment, Intel can not compete with Samsung and TSMC in terms of modern technical processes, but Intel has very serious plans. According to its roadmap, the 18A (1.8 nm) process technology should be mastered as early as 2025, while Samsung and TSMC plan to ship such products only in 2026. However, the difficulties with the development of 10 nm standards, which Intel still remains the most modern, make us be more careful about the company’s plans.
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