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Intel unveils five ray-traced laptop graphics cards

The company held a large-scale event dedicated to branded video cards. Mobile GPUs were the first to go into the series, some of which are already available as part of laptops from different manufacturers. A distinctive feature of all new products is the support for AI image upscaling and ray tracing, similar to the NVIDIA RTX line, even in lower models.


The lineup of Intel Arc A video cards based on the proprietary Xe HPG architecture is divided into three series: Arc 3, Arc 5 and Arc 7. Troikas are positioned as solutions for thin and light laptops, and are designed to run games in Full HD resolution. According to the vendor, the A370M model with 4 GB of GDDR6 video memory delivers 60 fps in current single-player hits at medium graphics settings, and 90 fps in esports disciplines.

Despite the status of a “state employee”, the novelty with eight Xe-cores also received 8 dedicated ray tracing units. The GPU clock speed of this model is 1550 MHz, and the power limit is up to 50 watts. The more affordable Arc A350M with the same amount of VRAM has fewer Xe-cores and ray tracing units, as well as a reduced GPU frequency to 1150 MHz.

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Representatives of the older Arc 5 and Arc 7 series will be available later. The Arc A550M model will be equipped with 8 GB of video memory with a 128-bit bus, 24 Xe cores and the same number of RT blocks. At the same time, its power consumption will be up to 80 W, but the frequency of the graphics chip will be lower than that of younger models. The flagship of the line will be the Arc A770M – 32 Xe-cores and a ray tracing unit, 16 GB VRAM (256-bit), and a power limit increased to 150 W.

All Intel mobile graphics cards received support for XeSS supersampling technology. It is designed to increase gaming performance by rendering frames at natively low resolution with further AI scaling. According to the company, using this method will allow you to comfortably play in 4K resolution without frame rate drops. The introduction of XeSS into already released titles will begin this summer.

Support for the Resizable Bar is also announced – a set of instructions that allows the CPU to access the entire amount of video memory at once. In addition, new items have acquired support for DeepLink technology. It combines the processing power of integrated and discrete Intel graphics to accelerate video encoding. According to the company’s internal testing, in Handbrake such a tandem works 40% faster than when using the “embedded” one.

Laptops based on Intel Arc A350M and Arc A370M graphics cards have already appeared in the range of various manufacturers. Models with Arc 5 and Arc 7 series graphics will arrive at retail in the summer of 2022.


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