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Intel processors may go into shortage due to US patent war

This statement was made by the global processor manufacturer – Intel. According to his representatives, the ban on the import of suspensions “may threaten the national and economic interests of the country.” The scandal erupted after the company CMC Materials, which produces suspensions with the addition of silicon particles, sued competitor DuPont’s Rohm & Haas. These suspensions are used in the process of polishing the semiconductor layers of silicon wafers. CMC Materials markets its products under the iDiel brand. And DuPont’s Rohm & Haas, under the Optiplane brand, is Intel’s supplier. Manufactured in Taiwan.

CMC Materials accused a competitor of technology appropriation. The court sided with her. And if the US International Trade Commission makes a decision, the import of Optiplane suspensions will be prohibited in the country.

Intel urged to resolve the situation, because otherwise production will suffer and a serious shortage of semiconductors and, as a result, the company’s processors may begin.

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