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Intel has just managed to catch up with AMD in terms of the number of cores in processors, when the latter is going to increase their number in its future CPUs again.

AMD will once again unleash a war in the processor market by increasing the number of cores. We have already talked about 128-core server CPU, there were rumors of 32-core Ryzen desktops, and now it’s mobile.

The source claims that Phoenix-H mobile processors will have up to eight cores and fit in a TDP of up to 40 watts. But in parallel with them, there will be much more powerful Raphael-H with 16 cores and TDP over 45 watts. In both cases, we are talking about 5nm CPUs based on Zen 4 architecture.

There have been similar rumors before, but now the details have emerged. Importantly, from a source that has previously shared its insights on AMD products more than once.

The source also shared data on subsequent generations of AMD processors. The Granite Ridge desktop processors will be based on the Zen 5 architecture and will use the 3nm and 6nm process technology. Probably for chiplets and I / O chips, respectively. Mobile Strix Points will use 3 and 5 nm process technology and at the same time Zen 5 and Zen 4D architectures for large and small cores, respectively.


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