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Intel graphics cards are delayed – what is known and when to wait

Over the past weeks, Intel representatives Tom Petersen and Ryan Schruut have told a lot of new things about future video cards. Arc A750 and A770. However, they did not say the main thing – when they will enter the market.

Intel confirmed last week that it had received the first batch of Arc A750 LE cards for immediate shipping to reporters, but has yet to do so. And because the data from the YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead’s is especially interesting.

In the video, the source notes that system integrators should have received the first Arc A770, A750, A580 and A380 cards by the end of July, but at the moment there is only a younger model on the Chinese market.

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Thus, the company has already missed the planned “window”. At the same time, we note that the slides themselves date back to around the end of June or the beginning of July, so the real state of affairs may differ.

There are also rumors that the cards may not be released at all, but the author from the channel Moore’s Law is Dead’s says that their release was simply postponed to September. But future generations of cards may linger even more amid the failures of the Arc line. In any case, so far the sources agree on one thing – Intel video cards have problems, and not all of them have been solved yet.

It is also not yet clear what prospects Intel graphics cards generally expect, given the fact that the prices for video cards, in principle, began to fall due to the onset of the “crypto winter”. Do not forget that Arc A770, A750, A580 and A380 can compete with the current generations of Nvidia and AMD accelerators, but more powerful solutions are expected soon.

In addition, Intel going to raise prices for new processors.


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