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Intel doesn’t want Alder Lake processors to run even faster. The company aims to completely disable support for AVX-512

As you know, Intel Alder Lake processors technically support the AVX-512 instruction set, and in a number of tasks, activating this set leads to huge leap in performance, albeit at the cost of even more power consumption. However, Intel clearly doesn’t want AVX-512 support to remain in new consumer CPUs.

The company has reportedly instructed motherboard manufacturers to completely disable negotiated support through the release of new BIOS updates. New chipset-based motherboards that will debut at CES 2022 will have this support disabled out of the box.

The source suggests that Intel simply does not want to make regular consumer Alder Lake competitors for its own higher-end CPUs, where support for AVX-512 will be available out of the box.

True, there are already various modified BIOS versions with support for a set of instructions and with removed restrictions, which are now available on motherboards by default (the CPU frequency decreases when AVX-512 is activated).

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