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Intel didn’t do as well as AMD. XeSS technology is inferior to FSR 2.0 in the first comparison

video card Intel Arc A770 will be available for purchase on October 12, but the XeSS supersampling technology is already available for everyone, and we can compare it with others.

With a recent update, XeSS support has been added to Death Stranding. The same game supports both Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR 2.0.

When comparing XeSS with FSR 2.0, it is clear that AMD technology looks better. The picture with XeSS in Ultra Quality mode is roughly comparable to what FSR 2.0 provides, but in Ultra Performance mode. Although it is normal to appreciate this as a whole only with a very significant approximation and in statics. When compared with FSR 1.0, Intel’s development still performs better.

Thus, while we can say that Intel XeSS does not reach the level of AMD FSR 2.0 and, probably, DLSS 2, but still it is impossible to call the technology a failure.

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