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Intel Arc video cards will not disappoint with the amount of memory. Details about the corresponding characteristics of the adapters have appeared

Details about the configuration of the memory subsystem for upcoming Intel Arc video cards have appeared on the Web.

It is worth noting that in this case, the recommended values ​​​​are indicated for many parameters, but, as we know from AMD and Nvidia video cards, third-party manufacturers usually do not deviate from the recommended values ​​​​in most aspects.

As you can see, the older model based on the GPU DG2-512 will receive 16 GB of memory at 16 GHz and a 256-bit bus. That is, against the background of its main competitors, the card should look normal.

The model one step below will receive 12 GB of memory and a 192-bit bus, then there will be a version with 8 GB of memory and a 128-bit bus, but the youngest models will receive 4 GB of memory and will be limited to only a 64-bit bus. In general, the parameters are expected and coincide with what we heard about video cards earlier.

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