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Intel against overclocking “non-overclockable” Alder Lake processors

In early January, Intel officially introduced the Alder Lake (Core 12) processors of the i5, i3, Celeron and Pentium series, and a little more than a week later, the first data appeared that these CPUs, which were not originally designed for overclocking, can still be overclocked. . Celeron G6900, Core i3-12100, Core i3-12300 and Core i5-12400 have already participated in the experiments. About how this is done on motherboards built on Z690 chipsets and B660, we already wrote. And now Intel itself has commented on the situation.

Of course, the company is not happy that users have discovered the possibility of overclocking processors that are not designed for this (that is, not marked with the K index). The company says that “artificially changing the clock speed or voltage may damage or shorten the life of the processor and other system components, as well as reduce the stability and performance of the system“. Intel also notes that if, when overclocking a 12th generation Intel Core processor not designated with the K index, the user encounters any problems with the CPU or damages it, then warranty service will not be provided.


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