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Instead of Ram Mandir Prasad, Laddus should not be delivered from the neighboring shop! Government will tighten its grip on e-commerce sites

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Online fraud by pretending to offer Prasad from Ram temple? Government will take strict steps

Almost everyone is waiting for the consecration ceremony of Ram. An atmosphere of enthusiasm is being seen across the country. But these days many scams are being seen in the name of Ram. In the past, Ram devotees have spent thousands of rupees on some websites to get online Prasad. For information, let us tell you that the Prasad available on the e-commerce platform is real and not fake, but no concrete information has been revealed yet. But considering this matter, the IT Ministry will issue a notice and will seek response from other e-commerce platforms including Amazon on the online sale of Ram Temple Prasad.

Ramlala’s Prasad on e-commerce platform

In view of the scam cases that have come to light regarding Ram K Prasad, the IT Ministry is going to issue a notice on this soon. Actually, scammers have fooled a lot of people in the past. Scammers created fake websites and pretended to offer free offerings. In this Khadi Organic This is the first website, which became quite viral and many people have also become victims of it.

Ram Prasad on Amazon

Now Ram’s Prasad is available on Amazon – Sri Ram Janam Bhumi Ayodhya ka Raghupati Ladoo Prasad is available for Rs 349 with 42 percent discount. In such a situation, people are ordering without thinking due to emotions. However, it is not yet known whether this Prasad is genuine or not. There is less chance of scam on a verified platform like Amazon, but in this matter now the IT Ministry will seek answers from all e-commerce platforms including Amazon.

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Ayodhya Ram Prasad On Amazon

Ayodhya Ram Prasad On Amazon

Avoid online fraud

Official information about Ram Prasad being found has not been given on any platform. In such a situation, it is very important that you wait for the message from the government. At present, the facility of Ram Prasad has not been made available officially on any platform.

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