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Instagram will ban dirty words, activate Hidden Words feature like this – how to activate hidden words feature on instagram to filter unwanted content – ​​News18 Hindi


Instagram claims that with this you will see up to 40 percent less unwanted content.
You can turn on ‘Hidden Words’ by going to the privacy settings in your profile.
Here is a list of words, phrases and emoji that may be inappropriate for you.

New Delhi. Instagram is a very popular social media platform. It is a means of connecting with each other, but it is mainly used as a photo sharing platform. People upload photos and videos related to their everyday life on it. This is the reason why Instagram is also one of the favorite social media apps of content creators. People exhibit their talent and become social media celebrities here. However, there is another side to this that many times he has to face lewd comments as well.

These comments can be very personal and disappointing. To protect its users from such lewd comments, Instagram launched a new feature called Hidden Words. It protects its users from objectionable comments or content. If you turn it on, inappropriate content or comments will automatically be filtered.

what is hidden words
This is a list of such sentences, words and emojis that can cause trouble to the user. If you activate hidden words, then whatever content is in this list, you will not see it in any comment or message. It is not that this gives complete relief to the user from objectionable content, but to some extent its effect is definitely visible. Instagram claims that users of this feature see up to 40 percent less objectionable content.

How to turn on this feature
Open Instagram on any device.
After that go to your profile.
Click on the three line menu on the top right.
In this, choose the option of privacy.
Click on the Hidden Words option here.
Now Hide Comments, Advanced Comment Filtering and Hide Message Request Options

Overall comment count will not change
If you use hidden words, then of course the objectionable content will be removed, but this will not affect the count of comments. Comments will not be visible to anyone but the count will remain the same. You can also add words, numbers, emoji and phrases that you don’t want to see in comments or message requests to this list.


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