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Instagram Tips: How To Increase Organic Followers On Instagram, Know The Complete Mantra

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Today everyone wants to be famous on Instagram, but how will the followers come, the biggest question remains in the mind. Today there are a large number of users on this platform and also earning money. Also, ever since Tik Tok has been banned in India, its users have increased a lot. Well, today we will tell you about how you can increase organic followers on Instagram, and what kind of content will have to be put for this.

how to increase organic followers on instagram

Developing an account on the social media platform Instagram is one of the most difficult things to do but if you have the skills and can devote the time, you can definitely gain followers.

So to increase real followers on Instagram, we have told some tips below, which you can increase followers by knowing and reading.

1. Choose Your Niche

First of all, you have to decide what you can upload to Instagram, because if you choose the subject and post, then the account growth is more likely to happen. like i my @rajujangidofficial I post on the account of Rajasthan’s culture, rural life.

2. Post Daily

If you have selected a niche, then try to make at least one post daily, whether it is photos or uploading reels. I am uploading 1 photo daily since last 1 month and sometimes reel video also but post photo daily. Also, instead of Raw photo, upload it only after editing a little.

3. Timing also matters

I have been uploading 1 post daily for almost 1 month around 7:30 am and I get really great response. That’s why I would suggest that you also set the time and post accordingly. You can see the performance of my account for 1 month in the photo below.

4. Trending Voice/Sound

It has been seen on Instagram that posting reel videos in trending sound gives good response, so when you create reels, try to select good and trending sound.

5. Choosing the Right Hashtags

Choosing the right hashtag is very important because I have seen many times that people randomly use countless hashtags, which can also lead to the account being shadowbanned. That’s why you have to use the same hashtag according to your content and apply only 10-12 hashtags.

6. Be sure to caption

Do not just put hashtags with the post, but try to put good and relatable captions as well, it impresses the audience.

How will you get the result?

Instagram Tips: How To Increase Organic Followers On Instagram, Know The Complete Mantra

According to my experience, I have got very good response. I have been following all the steps mentioned above, due to this the reach of the account in the last 30 days is more than 4.5 lakhs. And the account engagement is around 31 thousand. So you can grow on your IG account by following the above mentioned tips.

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