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Instagram Rolls Out ‘Close Friends on Live’: Features and How It Works

Instagram has introduced a new feature called “Close Friends on Live,” announced on June 20 and now being rolled out globally. This update allows users to limit viewers of their live broadcasts to those on their “Close Friends” list, providing more control over who can see their live streams.

Key Features of ‘Close Friends on Live’

With this new feature, users can:

  • Stream Exclusively to Close Friends: The live stream will only be visible to individuals on the user’s “Close Friends” list.
  • Manage Close Friends List: Users can add or remove people from their “Close Friends” list at any time.
  • Join with Up to Three Accounts: The live streaming can include up to three additional accounts joining the broadcast.

Enhanced Privacy for Live Broadcasts

Previously, live broadcasts hosted by Instagram users were visible to all their followers, and if the account was public, anyone could join and view the live stream. The “Close Friends on Live” feature changes this by giving users control over who can view their live broadcasts.

Instagram’s Efforts to Enhance User Privacy

Instagram, owned by Meta, has been consistently working to provide users with options to make their presence and interactions on the platform more private. This feature is a significant step in that direction.

  • November Update: Last November, Instagram allowed users to mark posts on their content grid for close friends.
  • Mute Button: Earlier, Instagram introduced a mute button to allow users to mute everyone except their close friends for better safety settings. Initially rolled out for creators, this feature is now available to all users.
  • ‘Notes’ Feature: “Notes” on Instagram is another way for users to connect privately with followers and friends.

New Addition: Music to Carousel Posts

Instagram has also announced that users can now add music to carousel posts, including videos. Previously, music could only be added to carousels with photos.

Stay tuned for more updates as Instagram continues to enhance its platform with new features aimed at improving user privacy and engagement.


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