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Instagram Private Account: How To See Anyone’s Instagram Post Without Following

Instagram Private Account: Instagram One of the most used social media apps in the world. Instagram comes with a Private Account feature that only allows followers to view your posts, reels and more stories, along with those who are not following that private account neither post, reel nor story. can see. But in today’s article, we are going to tell you that without following someone’s private account, how can you see his post, reel and more story.

1- Through Google Image Search

Use Google to find Instagram posts associated with Private Account, you can copy and paste the Instagram name of the private account into Google (you can also see Name, Post count, and follower and following) and then do Image Search .
Chances are some of his pictures will surface, which are tagged elsewhere on public Instagram or even Facebook accounts.

2- View a private Instagram account through a friend

If you know someone who follows the private Instagram account you want to view, you can always access that Instagram account through their Instagram account.
If there’s a specific Instagram post you’d like to see, you can also ask them to take a screenshot of the private post and send it to you.

Instagram Private Account: How To View Post, Reel...


3- Through Fake Account

You can use any other or Fake Account. However, you can easily create and use a fake Instagram account and after that you can see the posts of anyone, if you have then follow them. Along with this, keep in mind that you have previously added some pictures to this fake account. Why? Because that’s how it appears to be a real one.

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