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Instagram failed to compete with Tiktok, internal reports revealed


Instagram’s internal research shows that Meta is lagging far behind TikTok.
According to a report, Instagram users are spending a total of 17.6 million hours watching reels.
It has been reported in the report that in the last four weeks, reels engagement has fallen by 13.6%.

New Delhi. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms Inc. introduced the short video feature in Instagram to compete with TikTok. Despite this, the company has failed to attract users towards itself. The company’s internal research shows that Meta is lagging far behind Tiktok. According to a document reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Instagram users are spending a total of 17.6 million hours watching reels, while users on Tiktok watch 197.8 million hours of reels.

The document, titled ‘Creators x Reels State of the Union 2022’, was published internally in August. It states that reels engagement has fallen by 13.6% in the last four weeks and most reels users are not engaged in it. One reason for this is that people have struggled a lot to create content on Instagram.

11 million creators in the US
There are about 11 million creators on the platform in the US, but only 2.3 million, or 20.7%, of them post on Instagram every month. However, META spokesperson Devi Narasimhan says that the engagement of the reels is currently increasing on a month-to-month basis. “We have more work to do on this, but creators and businesses are seeing promising results, and our monetization is faster than expected, as more people are watching, creating and connecting to reels than ever before,” he said. .

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Fall in the market value of Meta

In July this year, Meta reported its first drop in revenue, as changes to the iPhone’s operating system by Apple Inc. made a big dent in Meta’s personal ad delivery capability. The company has also had trouble retaining teenage users attracted to competitors like Tiktok. As of Friday, Meta’s market value had fallen by more than $620 billion from a year earlier.

easy to share reels
Earlier, Meta had said that the time people spend on Instagram and Facebook has increased by 30 percent since the introduction of Reels. At that time, Instagram’s Chief Operating Officer Justin Osofsky had said that with the rollout of Reels, we will get a good response, but at the same time we will have to do more work. He said that users can easily share reels with their friends on Instagram. This sets him apart from others. According to Justin Osofsky, more than half of the creators share their reels with friends in private messages.

Reels are made on other platforms
Internal documentation shows that about one-third of reels videos are produced on other platforms. This usually includes Tiktok and watermarks or borders. Meta said it ‘downranks’ these videos, which means it shows them to fewer viewers.

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