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Instagram became a very safe platform for users, got the necessary security features

Companies are constantly trying to make the Internet a safe place. Meta’s Instagram is also very serious about this. In the last few days, many new features have been introduced in Instagram, which make it a very safe platform for users. We spoke to Natasha Jog, Policy Manager, Instagram and Facebook India, about the changes Instagram has made to its policy. Let us know what she thinks about user safety on social media. 

Information given about Do’s and Don’ts There
is a lot of confusion among users about the fake videos coming on Instagram. Natasha gave very important information about identifying which video is fake on Instagram. Natasha said that the company is very serious about keeping Instagram a safe platform. For this, the company has made its own separate social policy. In these, the Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook and Instagram have been told. Natasha said that these policies are based on the feedback received from the people and the feedback received from the experts in the field of technology, public security and human rights. Regarding misinformation on Instagram, Natasha Jog said that image detection technology is used on this platform. Through this, those content can be searched, 

These security features made Instagram safe
Natasha told that new safety features named Hidden Words, Limits, Multi Block, Safe Woman on Instagram, My Law have been introduced in Instagram. Hidden words allow users to easily filter out inappropriate direct message requests. Through the Limits feature, users can hide comments and direct messages from accounts they do not follow. Regarding the multiblock feature of Instagram for user safety, Natasha said that with the help of this you can block unwanted users, as well as this feature allows the user to block all future accounts created by the blocked user in advance. Allows blocking. 

Similarly, Safe Stree on Instagram has been designed for the safety of women. Natasha further told about My Law that it was started in November 2021 to make laws easier for the youth and also make it easier for the youth to understand them. Along with this, the company is also giving the option of reporting to the users. With the help of this, they can flag the objectionable content. Take a break has also been introduced to keep the youth safe on the platform. Natasha said that through this, young users are notified to take a break after using Instagram for a long time. This gives the user the option to better manage the time spent on Instagram. 

Parents Guides launched in 7 Indian languages
​​Natasha said that the company does not allow people under 18 to create a private account. In addition, the company has launched Parents Guides in 7 Indian languages. Natasha told that Instagram is also working on parental supervision tools these days. These tools allow parents to keep track of their children’s accounts. Regarding the reels, Natasha said that the safety policies are fully implemented for this too, so that the users get a chance to show their creativity through the reels in a better environment.  

Instagram Totally Bans Sexual Violence or Exploitation

When asked about paid sex chats and videos on Instagram, Natasha said that Instagram does not allow the posting of content that promotes sexual violence or exploitation. Along with this, Natasha told that the company also removes pictures of incidents showing sexual violence from the platform for the safety of victims and survivors. According to Natasha, Instagram has also started, which ensures the online safety of women.

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