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Information can be leaked by using Chinese drones, expert warns

Chinese companies and their technology are often questioned. The biggest concern is security. Now Taiwanese experts have warned that Chinese-made drones used by private companies and people of the country can transfer their information to Beijing. Many countries prohibit their public sector from using products made in China. Taiwan News, quoting Su Tzu-eun, director of Taiwan’s Institute of National Defense and Security Research, wrote that Taiwan should regularly test Chinese products in collaboration with NGOs.

Su said that before Xiaomi, Huawei And ZTE The data transmission software settings have been found in the firmware of K mobile phones and DJI drones. This is the reason why the US 2020 National Defense Authorization Act has barred the federal government from buying Chinese drones.

Taiwan’s National Communications Commission has stated that in accordance with Article 14 of China’s National Intelligence Law, Chinese citizens and enterprises are responsible for supporting and assisting in intelligence operations.

According to the rule, whenever China asks the country’s manufacturers to provide information, they cannot refuse. When private businesses or individuals use Chinese drones, important images and relevant data are sent back to Chinese manufacturers. of Taiwan News Tell That this data can be sent to Chinese government officials.

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In this regard, Professor Lee Chung-hsien, from the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Cheng Kung University, said that in principle, Chinese-made drones should be completely banned.

However, Li said that the authorities involved in the matter need to create comprehensive rules to investigate the actions of Chinese drones. The current rules only regulate flight safety. The relationship between Taiwan and China is well known, so Taiwan remains alert about the use of Chinese products in its country. But when it comes to national security, there is a need to be more serious about it. What further action is taken in this matter, it is expected to be clear in the coming days.


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