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Inflation In US: Inflation in the US reached the highest level of 41 years

US Inflation At 4 Decade High: Inflation in America has reached the highest level of 41 years. According to the inflation data for the month of June, which has been announced today, the Consumer Price Index has reached 9.1 percent, which is the highest since November 1981. The US Labor Department has released these figures of inflation.

It is believed that inflation in the US has reached the highest levels in four decades due to the huge jump in gas, food items and house rent. After this figure of inflation rate, it is believed that America’s Federal Reserve can announce to increase interest rates again. Due to which the loan can be expensive there.

However, the inflation rate in the US has come out higher than what was estimated. Which is enough to tell how the prices of everything there have increased. Economists had predicted an inflation rate of 8.8 percent. This month, the Fed Reserve can take a decision regarding interest rates. Many experts are predicting the possibility of increasing interest rates by 75 basis points. However, the supply problems arising out of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is working to increase inflation in America. Gas prices have increased by 11.2 percent in June. Electricity and natural gas prices rose by 3.5 per cent, the highest since 2006.

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