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Infinix’s new technology changes the color of smartphone leathers

Infinix has unveiled Future Light-Paint Leather technology for adaptive color changing of leather coatings. It will allow you to customize the design of the gadget without covers, special tools and battery consumption – users can apply a suitable pattern to the case using sunlight.


The Infinix technology is based on the color change of a leather cover with integrated photochromic polymers under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. This solution does not require energy from the smartphone – the color of the back cover changes when sunlight hits the surface of the material. With a long absence of UV exposure, the gadget restores its original color.

The original approach, according to the brand, will expand the possibilities of designers when working on new products. In addition, users will be able to “paint” their devices themselves, giving them more personality with the help of sunlight.

“Infinix is ​​committed to enhancing the look and feel of the modern smartphone through the use of innovative materials and new, fresh colors. Thanks to the Future Light-Painting Leather technology, users will be able to change the color of the case, as well as independently “draw” patterns on the back of their device using sunlight and shadow. This provides Infinix owners with a unique way to interact with their smartphone and opens up limitless scope for self-expression,” said Manfred Hong, Senior Director of Product at Infinix.


The development of Future Light-Painting Leather lasted six months. To achieve the desired effect, engineers tested the material hundreds of times, overcoming the common problem of skin yellowing and adjusting its structure so that colors remain vibrant even after prolonged use. At the same time, the company managed to maintain a thin profile of the device, providing the user with a comfortable grip, as well as reliable protection against bumps and drops.

The company will announce the timing of the appearance on the market of new smartphone models using Future Light-Paint Leather technology at a later date.

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