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India’s microblogging site Koo crosses 50 million downloads!

Indian microblogging site Koo is rapidly gaining popularity and has crossed the 50 million download mark. While users are not liking the changes made by the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, the number of users of the Indian app Ku is increasing continuously. Since the beginning of the year till now, the user time of Ku has also increased, that is, now users have started spending more time on the app. Ku is a multilingual app, meaning you can blog on it in multiple languages.

Koo Announcing the completion of 5 crore downloads, Apramaya Radhakrishna, CEO and Co-Founder of the platform said that he is very happy that the app has crossed a new milestone. This shows that the app is being well received in a country with different languages ​​like India, which has been specially designed keeping in mind the Indian users. He said that the rapid adoption of the app by users shows that crores of people are getting solutions to their problems in the app.

Talking about supported languages, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese including Bengali and English 10 languages Available in. More than 7 thousand 500 celebrities and celebrities are also present on the app. The special thing about the app is that all these people post in their local language on their special occasions like festivals etc. The CEO further said that there are 800 million internet users in India who prefer to use their local language in their posts. The purpose of the app is to give freedom of expression to such people, that is, about 90 percent of the Indian population.

Explaining the features of the app, Apramaya Radhakrishnan said that it has features like multi language keyboard, topics in 10 languages, language translation, edit and free self verification. More features are said to be added to the app in the coming times to make its use more convenient. The app was launched in March 2020. The special feature of the app has been described as its translation which can translate in multiple languages ​​in real time without losing the hidden meaning in any text.


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