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India’s first pilotless drone that can carry humans, PM Modi also saw the demo, watch video

India’s first pilotless human-carrying drone was presented to the world earlier this week. This event to introduce the drone was held in the capital Delhi, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also present. PM Modi also saw a demo of this drone, in which the drone was flown 2 meters above the ground. The range of this drone is 25 km. This indigenous pilotless drone has been named ‘Varuna’, which has been made by drone startup Sagar Defense Engineering.

The Varuna is a single seater drone that can seat one person. This drone has been specially designed for the use of the Indian Navy. Varuna has been developed in two parts. 30 such drones will be given to the Indian Navy and will reportedly be the first time that the Indian Navy will deploy drones on its warships.

Drone Federation of India has shared the video of the demo of this drone in a tweet, in which PM Modi is seen watching the demo. The tweet reads “Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi witnessed a live demonstration of India’s first manned-carrying drone ‘Varuna’ at Naval Innovation and Indigenization Organization Seminar, New Delhi. Varuna has a payload capacity of 130 kg and a maximum range of 25 km.”

of Financial Express according Nikunj Parashar, Founder and CEO, Sagar Defense Engineering said, “This drone is specially designed for use by the Indian Navy. Varuna has been developed in two parts. One is the technology that helps it to land and take off from warships on the go and the other is its platform. The landing and take-off technology has been developed in collaboration with the Indian Navy’s DSR and Varuna is currently being developed with NTDAC (Naval Technology Development Acceleration Cell).

Parashar added, “30 such drones that can take off and land from warships have been given to the Navy, and this is also the first time that the Indian Navy is inducting drones on warships.”

Initially it can be used to carry or transfer material. It has four auto-pilot models, which help the drone to continue flying even if some of its fans fail to function. The new vehicle also has the capability to be used for inter-ship transfer of materials and personnel and is capable of taking-off and landing on its own even when ships are in motion.


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