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India’s cheapest electric car launched, will run 200 KM on full charge, cost less than ₹ 5 lakh

New Delhi.
India Cheapest Electric Car: India’s cheapest electric car has been launched. Personal Mobility Vehicle has launched its EaS-E electric car. Two people can sit in this small electric car. One towards the front and one towards the back. Its starting price is less than Rs 5 lakh. Today we will tell you about all its features and specifications. So let’s have a look..

How much range will it give?

First of all, let’s talk about how much range it will give. So the company says that this electric car can run up to 200 kilometers on full charge. However, it will get three different driving modes. In which you will get a range of 120 km, 160 km and 200 km. That is, this electric car will give a range of at least 120 kilometers.

How long will it take to charge?

Charging it is very easy. You can charge its battery by connecting it to a 15 amp household socket. However, the company is also giving you a 3 kW AC charger, which will take about 4 hours to fully charge its battery.

How is its performance?

Talking about the performance, the motor of this electric car will generate maximum power of 13 hp and peak torque of 50Nm.

How is this electric car in speed?

Talking about the speed, this electric car will accelerate from 0 to 40 kmph in just 5 seconds.

Where will it be booked?

You can book it by visiting the official website of the company. For this you will have to pay a token amount of Rs 2,000.


Talking about the features, 4G connectivity will be available in it, so that you will be able to connect your smartphone to the car.

What is the price?

Now talking about its price, its starting price is Rs 4.79 lakh. This is an introductory price for the first 10,000 customers. After this the company will increase its price.

When will the delivery start?

Finally, the question is when will the delivery of this car start, then the answer is in the middle of the year 2023.

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