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Indian YouTube creators contributing ₹6800 crore to the country’s GDP

YouTube Creators Annually Contributing In GDP: Social media company YouTube has become quite popular in India in a few years. In the last 5 years, the number of YouTube users across the country has registered a rapid increase. Let us tell you that currently more than 46 crore people are active on YouTube in India.

giving millions of jobs every year
It is known that YouTube is giving millions of jobs every year. Social media company YouTube says that Indian YouTube creators contribute Rs 6800 crore to India’s GDP. As YouTube channels are growing, so are the jobs. Every year 7 lakh jobs are being created in the country from YouTube.

Contribution of 6800 crores to GDP
YouTube’s Chief Product Officer and Google’s SVP Neil Mohan has virtually participated in CyFy 2022. Here Neil Mohan says that, ‘The economy of YouTube creators is growing rapidly in India. Every year Rs 6800 crore is being contributed and 7 lakh jobs are being created. CyFy 2022 is a conference on Technology, Innovation and Society. The event has been organized by the Observer Research Foundation (ORF).

big and small business on youtube
Neil Mohan says that YouTube not only gives creators an opportunity to increase their audience, but is also giving them financial opportunities to build their business. He said that YouTube is a platform where all types of businesses are flourishing, especially small businesses. The reason behind this is that the platform is an advertising-driven media platform.

find a safe place
YouTube’s Chief Product Officer said, “All major Indian languages ​​are represented on our platform in terms of creative success as well as gender diversity. We have the tools to help ensure that the platform remains a safe and inclusive space for both content creators and users.

India at the forefront of content creator
Mohan said that YouTube is a place where content creators from across India are at the fore. He said that ‘making YouTube inclusive and diverse is our priority. The creator economy affects tens of millions of people in India and so it is natural for governments to care about what happens on these platforms. He said that it is the responsibility of key stakeholders, governments and YouTube to ensure that the platform is not used to spread misinformation. Mohan said, ‘YouTube is a place where people share their thoughts and opinions. Our approach to electoral integrity, preventing misinformation and violence is clear.

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