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Indian version of PUBG Mobile, BGMI will return? What is the latest update? learn everything

The PUBG Mobile game created panic in India. Mobile Battle Royale had given a boost to the future of e-sports in the country, but in September 2020, all the PUBG players present in the country suffered a major setback when the Indian government banned it. For some time the players did not understand why the ban was imposed, but later the reason behind the ban was clarified by the game publisher Krafton and the government. Not long after, Krafton released Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), which was largely PUBG Mobile with a changed name and a few minor changes. However, the fans were happy for a few months, as in July this year, the government banned BGMI as well. Now, it’s been more than three months since the game was banned, so fans are now worried about the game’s future.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban or Comeback: Whole storyline

BGMI was banned in July 2022. Initially, there was talk of the game being blocked, after which news came that BGMI was banned under Section 69A of the country’s IT Act. This is the same law under which many other Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile were banned. Soon BGMI will be available on Android’s Play Store and iOS’s App Store. is removed,

However, even after this, players could still play the game, as its servers were active. For some time, rumors circulated online that the game servers would also be shut down soon, as happened with PUBG Mobile. However, the good thing for players is that BGMI can still be played without a VPN on devices that had it installed before the ban. However, in the game from Krafton no update received can be done.

While the game is not available in mobile app stores, it can still be downloaded and installed and played through third-party stores or online APKs.

It’s been three months since the game was banned, but there’s no indication yet from game publisher Krafton or the government on its return. Section 69A of the IT Act behind banning the game reason given which allows the government to block public access to content in the interest of national security and many other reasons. Orders issued under the rule are usually confidential.

Now the thing comes that if the government had banned BGMI because of security, then it should have been completely banned like PUBG Mobile, but all the servers are working without any problem.

In recent weeks, many YouTubers including popular YouTuber Technical Guruji have made claims Along with BGMI, many banned apps can be re-listed in Android and iOS stores.

What also reinforces the point of return is that BGMI recently announced a new four on its YouTube channel and inside the game. tutorial video post Did it These include solutions to questions related to banning the account, as well as payment and benefits for ‘Prime’ and ‘Prime Plus’.

So far, Krafton hasn’t released any indication of the game’s return. In such a situation, it is difficult to say with certainty whether the game will return or not, but some signs are definitely pointing to its return. Certainly the demand for the game is very high in the country. The game also gave a boost to mobile e-sport in the country. It remains to be seen whether the game returns to the country after the negotiations and agreements between Krafton and the government.

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