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Indian Railways Privatisation: Indian Railways will now be privatised! Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav told the complete plan

Indian Railways Privatisation: There is a big update for railway passengers. Government has given information on privatization of railways. Actually, for some time, this news has been discussed that the government is privatizing the railways. And at the same time, the government handed over several government companies to private hands. Central Rail Minister Ashini Vaishnav has said that the government has no intention of privatizing Indian Railways. Let’s know the details.

Railway information!

The Railway Minister informed this in the House. In response to the written question in the House, Rail Minister Ashwini Vaishnav gave a clear insight on the issue, saying, ‘The government has said before and once again we want to say that Indian rail will not be privatized.’ After this information given by the Railway Minister, all the speculation about privatization of the railway has calmed down.

Government’s plan on Indian Railways 

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The Railway Minister has given great information about the railway plan in the House. The Railway Minister said that the facilities of the railway will increase in the coming time. Not only this, many trains will be changed. Indian Railways will become more advanced in the coming times. Projects are going on rapidly from the department. The Rail Minister said that keeping in view the convenience of the passengers, the goal of developing GCT in the next three years under the speed power cargo terminal ( GCT ) policy from the railway side Has been kept, while 22 GCTs are already in operation. That is, the railway will be very convenient in the coming times.

 22 GCT is running work

The Railway Minister has given detailed information on the preparations of the railway. According to the Railway Minister, GCT operators will be selected through the tender process for construction and operation of the terminal. Not only this, GCT operators have been given the responsibility to choose the right place to develop the railway terminal on non-railway land. 


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