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Indian Railways: Big update regarding food in train, Ministry of Railways issued new order

Indian Railways Satvik Food Service: During the long journey in the train, there is a problem of eating and drinking often in front of the travel. This is why many times people are seen carrying homemade food. What can they do if they cannot make a lake that is due? Yes, new arrangements have been introduced from the railway for pure vegetarian food eaters. If you have some similar problem with this, then this news will definitely make you happy. After the new order of the Ministry of Railways, now the travel during the journey will be able to eat fully.

Satvik will arrive at the passenger seat
Travel संबनाराना to provide food during the journey, Indian Railway (Indian Railways ) Subsid ery Company IRCTC ( IRCTC ) has joined hands with IS CON. Under this, the travel food eating the satv ik will be taken to their seat by asking for food from Is Con Dimir’s Resorant Gov. Alive ( Govinda Restaurant ). Under this agreement between IRCTC ( IRCTC) and ISCON, this service is currently available at the Hazar T nor Izamuddin Station of The Li.

Travel will not have trouble
On the occasion of starting this suvidha, it was told from the railway board that some passengers ( who eat sattva ik food ) in the train, who are suspicious of the purity of food Huh. This often comes with travel for long journeys. There are many travelers who do not eat pies and garlic. Those passengers avoid eating the pantry car. Such trips will not be troublesome after the start of Lake Ein this Suvidha.

Take advantage of this service
If you or you want to take a real meal during the journey of the Saturday train, you will have to book food on the e-cater ing website or food on track app of IRCTC ( IRCTC). You must order with PNR number ( PNR number ) PNR number <TAG1> at least two hours before leaving the train. Food will reach your seat after the order is final. Travel in food from Gov. Alive Resorant to eat, these are old The Li’s Wedge Biryani, Dealx Thali, Maharaja Thali, Dal Makni, Dies made of cheese, Noodles Samet and other food.

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