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Indian Railways: Big update for railway passengers, will senior citizens get concession in fare?

Indian Railways Revenue: A major update has come out related to travel trips traveling through Indian Railways. In the initial three quarters of the year 2022-23, the railway has earned a record of Rs 48913 from the passenger category. This is 71% more than 28569 crores during the same year of the past year. The information given by the railway stated that the number of travel officers in the Qi’s Jirv passenger segment was 59.61 crores as against 56.05 crores during April 1 to 31 The 수 2022. This is more than 6 years of the same age of the past year.

40197 lakh tickets booked
During this Awadh, the kingdoms have come from 38,483 crores, the same period of the year 26,400 crores to 46 years. A total of 40197 lakh tickets have been booked between April 1 and 31 of The 40197 million tickets in the unreserved passenger segment. This number is 137 years from the 16968 lakh tickt booked for the last year. In this segment, the rule of Rs 10430 crore was collected as compared to Rs 2169 crore of the last year, h is recorded as increasing by 381 percent.

More income than freight
In the initial 9 months of the financial year 2022-23, freight has earned more than the previous year. Indian Railways carried 1109.38 metric tons of freight during April to December 2022 as compared to 1029.96 metric tons of freight for the previous year. In this way, this segment has improved by 8 percent based on data from a year ago.

Seanier S itijan’s exemption from the demand
The railway earned Rs 12047 crore as against 104040 crore in The ⁇ three of the year from April of last year. In this way it has improved by 16 percent. After the railway’s improvement in the railway, the seine is starting to demand a discount on the corona t ict. In fact, on the demand for exemption in Pichle the Inns Rail Qiray, the Railway Minister Ashwini Vishnava said that the 55 Pratishat’s vegetables are being given on the side of the railway already. Now it will be seen whether the scene is related to the situation or not.

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