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Indian Railway Rules: What does the Railways do with your luggage left in the train? you will be surprised to know

Indian Railway Rules: Often the luggage of the passengers is left in the train. But what does the railway do with this baggage of passengers, you hardly know about it. If not, then let us tell you how you can get your goods back?

Indian Railway Rules: Due to the economical and comfortable train travel, the number of rail passengers is increasing day by day. In long journeys, people prefer to travel by flights or superfast trains. Many times, passengers forget their essential items like mobile, purse, laptop, charger or luggage bag etc. But hardly do you know what is done with these goods from the railway side?

You can get the valuables back from the railways.
Yes, if you know the rules, then you can also get back your valuables left in the train. According to the rules of the Railways, there is a complete process of transporting the goods left in the trains to their original owners. Let us know about it in detail.

Let us
tell you that after every train reaches its destination station, the empty train is checked by the station staff along with an officer of Railway Protection Force. In this checking, along with keeping in mind the safety of the vehicle, it is also seen that no important luggage of any passenger is left behind on the seat.

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The thing that remains with the station master,
if any item is found, it is deposited with the station master concerned. Apart from this, a receipt is made for any unclaimed or unbooked item found in the train or at the station and it is submitted to the station master.

Goods are entered in the property register Goods
deposited by the RPF or other railway staff are entered in the register of lost property. Here a record of the details of that item such as the name of the item, weight, estimated price etc. is kept. If a box or a trunk is found, a list of its belongings is made in the presence of Railway Protection Force or Railway Police. There are three copies of the list. The first copy is kept in the second box in the register of goods and the third with the Railway Protection Force. After this the box is sealed.

If a person is approached for the lost property and it is to the satisfaction of the Station Master, the goods are returned to that person. The full address of the claimant is recorded in the Register of Lost Property. After receiving the item from the railway, the signature of the claimant is also done in the register.

Station Master’s right to refuse pass The
Station Master may refuse to hand over the goods if he suspects the claimant to be the original owner. The matter then goes to the Divisional Commercial Superintendent. Here the goods are returned only after thorough investigation.

Rule of taking things to the original owner The
second rule is that the station master should make efforts to bring the lost property to its rightful owner. On getting the name or identification information etc. on any item, it becomes easy to reach it to its owner.

Luggage is dispatched to the Lost Property Office
When the baggage after leaving the station or train is handed over to the passenger without sending it to the Lost Property Office, in this case no fee is charged from the passengers. Such packages should be returned to the passengers without any charge. After the baggage is lost or left, the Station Master keeps it under his supervision for 7 days. After this it is sent to the Lost Property Office.


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