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Indian Railway: Railway’s great gift, now this thing will be available free of cost in the train in winter, first come first serve!

Train Ticket: In winter, people find it very troublesome to get out of the house. At the same time, if you have to travel long in winter, then the difficulties only arise. In winter, people only like to live in quilts. In such a situation, if you have to travel by train for some reason, then the people have to come in trouble. However, one thing is available to you free inside the railway train and the use of this thing can give a lot of comfort to the people in winter.

Indian railway
Even in winter season, an important thing is made available to the people on behalf of the railway. With the help of this essential item, people can also use their cold to drive away. However, this thing is given only in special coach from the railway. This facility of railway cannot be availed in general coach.

This thing is found
Please tell that the railway has free blanket to use during the journey in the train. Blankets are provided to people on the train for free even in winter. However, these blanks are given only to the people traveling in AC coaches from the railways. In such a situation, people traveling in AC coaches can get a blanket.

Blanket will be found in coach
If you too have obtained a confirmation ticket in AC coach and your seat is fixed, then you will be given a blanket to use on behalf of the railway even in winter. This blanket also has to be returned to the railway after the journey is over. In such a situation, the first railway will get the confirmation ticket of AC coach, Blanket will also get in AC coach for use in winter.

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