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Indian girl entered Israel despite being blacklisted, what happened next…

Israel blacklisted women: A woman of Gujarat origin living in India made a deal of Rs. 6 lakhs to enter Israel. For this she left her city and settled in another city. Got the papers prepared from another address and flew to Tel Aviv in the month of April. In this whole saga, the name of another member is also coming to the fore. This woman was banned from staying in Israel for too long as per her visa.

Recently, this woman was brought to India by AI-140 aircraft which reached Indira Gandhi International Airport from Israel. The woman is accused of trying to enter Tel Aviv despite being blacklisted. Airlines security handed over the suspicious woman to the Immigration Bureau at Delhi airport. During investigation, Immigration Bureau officials found that the woman’s name on the passport is Anju Chhetri and her address is Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. The woman’s speaking style was matching that of Gujarat. On suspicion, the woman’s bag was searched, in which her genuine documents were found.

Suspect woman’s real name Hetalben
Delhi Airport DCP Usha Ranganani said that the two Aadhaar cards recovered from the woman had similarity only in the photo, but the date of birth, name, address etc. were all different. After initial questioning, the woman was handed over to the airport police. After which the police registered a case against the woman under several sections of the IPC. DCP said that upon strict questioning the woman revealed her real name as Hetalben. She is originally from Anand, Gujarat.

Complete paper changed in West Bengal
Hetalben was deported to India from Tel Aviv city of Israel as an inadmissible traveller. During interrogation, Hetalben confessed that Israel had banned him, due to which he made fake documents. The name of an agent named Ramesh Sharma has come to light in the case of preparing fake documents. After the deal was finalized between the two for Rs 6 lakh, Ramesh went to Bagdogra city of West Bengal with the woman. While staying at this place, all the documents of the woman were changed. After complete preparations, Hetal left for Israel with a new identity on 31 April 2024.


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