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Indian children are doing cyberbullying the most, what is the reason and how to prevent it, know everything


According to a survey, 45 percent of children in India said that they threatened a stranger.
In the survey conducted by McAfee, 17 percent of children in other countries also gave the same answer.
In the survey, 48 percent of Indian children admitted that they had threatened a person they knew at one time or another.

New Delhi. A recent global survey has revealed that more children are doing cyberbullying in India than any other country in the world. This survey was done by American computer security software company McAfee. Experts say that while reports of children being bullied in cyberspace make headlines, it is not often reported that children are bullied with their peers.

Experts say that children and teenagers often think that the virtual world gives them complete anonymity and that anything they do here will be of no consequence. According to a survey conducted by McAfee, 45 percent of Indian children said that they had threatened a stranger at one time or another. At the same time, 17 percent of children from other countries also gave the same answer. Also, 48 percent of Indian children said that they have done bullying against them at some point or the other. At the same time, 21% of children from other countries across the world have also done the same.

Children are increasingly adopting electronic devices
A McAfee survey states that children in India use mobiles at the youngest age. Children in India experience online risks including cyberbullying at the youngest ages in the world. The McAfee survey found that parents in India reported the least amount of time to talk to their children about the issue compared to parents around the world. According to the survey, one of the reasons for the high rate of cyberbullying in India could be the early and rapid adoption of electronic devices among children in schools and at home.

less communication with family
According to experts, due to the high rate of device adoption among children and low rate of interaction with parents, children start bullying. In fact, electronic devices create an environment where Indian children spend large amounts of time online and talk less or share their concerns with their parents.

Children want to deal with the situation themselves
Experts say that for many children, turning to bullying stems from coping with issues and is also seen as a way to gain power. Children who are victims of cyberbullying often do not talk about it, as they believe that they should be able to handle the situation on their own.

How to identify cyberbullying children
If a child is on mobile for hours, or he has deleted his WhatsApp chat, then he may be bullying. Apart from this, if a child has multiple accounts on social media, has many passwords written in his diary or has locked the app, then it is possible that he is bullying. Also, if a child is installing AnyDesk app on mobile, then it means that he is doing bullying.

How to identify children who are victims of bullying
If your child suddenly quits social media, doesn’t show interest in being online, or doesn’t talk about the internet, it’s possible that he or she may be a victim of bullying. Apart from this, if someone feels uncomfortable on receiving a message and deletes a message without reading it or refuses to play online games, then your child may be a victim of bullying.

How to keep a child safe from cyberbullying
If someone makes an objectionable comment on your post, then you should refrain from reacting to it. If you have been bullied, keep a screenshot of it with you. Also, block the harassing person on social media immediately. Also complain on the Safety Center of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Also check social media settings. If there are any loopholes in the settings, remove them. If bullying increases, definitely tell your parents, teachers or friends about this.

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