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India in top 5 in terms of cheap internet in the world, but out of 100 in fast speed

Just in the month of July, it was revealed in a report that using mobile data in India is very cheap. India was ranked fifth in the list of Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing 2022. It was said that India is at number 5 in terms of cheap mobile internet data in the world. But do you know that our country is far behind in terms of mobile internet speed and broadband internet speed. Ookla, which releases data for fixed broadband and mobile internet speed every month, has released the data speed ranking for the month of August. It has been told that India has dropped 7 positions to number 78 in the global list of fixed broadband speeds. At the same time, India is on 117th position in the global ranking of mobile data speed.

In the August data of Ookla Speedtest Global Index, it has been told that India was at 71st position in the fixed broadband speed segment in July, but in August it has slipped 7 places. However, the speed of both fixed broadband and mobile data has increased during this period. Fixed broadband speed was 48.04 Mbps in July, which increased to 48.29 Mbps in August. Similarly, mobile download speed was 13.41 Mbps in July, which has increased to 13.52 Mbps in August. Despite this, India’s position has gone down, probably because people are getting faster internet in other countries.

dthing to note India’s ranking in terms of average mobile speed had jumped a place in July to reach number 118. The rankings in August have brought India back to the June position. It is also interesting to note that the average mobile download speed in June was 14.00 Mbps, which is now 13.52 Mbps.

Statistics show that Norway leads the world in terms of mobile internet speed. Brazil has made the highest jump in this category and has moved up 14 places. Talk about fixed broadband speed, Singapore is at the forefront of the world. Palestine has shown the fastest growth in this category and its rank has been increased by 27 places. Ookla releases these figures every month.

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