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India became the fastest growing economy, changes made on the economic front in 75 years

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav 2022: India has completed 75 years of independence. Today the elixir of freedom is being celebrated across the country. 75 years ago and in today’s India, India has come a long way in terms of population‍ p style=”text-align: justify;”At the time of independence, India was identified as the poor country of the world. Today India is the fastest growing economy of the world. India is steadily moving towards being included in the top 3 economy of the world. From the time of independence, a big change has also been seen in the per‍y‍t‍ income of the country. Let us tell you that the country must have a look at what has changed in 75 years.

GDP of 55 times in 75 years
At the time of independence in the year 1947, the GDP of the country was only 2.7 lakh crore rupees. This was less than 3 percent of the total GDP of the world. But today the GDP of India is about 150 lakh crore rupees. P‍In the last 75 years, the size of GDP has increased more than 55 times. Talking about India’s GDP in the world’s GDP, it is 9 percent.

Galloping GDP 
By the coming 2024, the level of GDP may cross 10 percent. In this journey of 75 years, 3 such occasions came. When the growth of the economy has been below zero. These years were the first time in 1965, the second time in 1979 and the third time in 2020 during the Corona epidemic. It is clear from this that India’s GDP is galloping on the track of the economy.

Gold Price 
When the country became independent, the price of 10 grams of gold at that time was Rs 90. Today the price is close to 52 thousand rupees. At one time it was beyond 56 thousand and zwj; At that time India was known as the gold bird.

See Per‍P‍Y‍T‍P Income
A‍Estimate of economic prosperity of any country there Per‍P‍Y‍T‍Per Capital (Per Capital Income) can be applied from. After independence, in 1950-51, India’s per‍y‍t‍p income was Rs 274. Which has increased to Rs 1.5 lakh per annum today. India has made a lot of progress in this figure.

Foreign Exchange Reserves
a‍How strong is the economy of any country, it is determined by the foreign exchange reserves it has. India has also registered tremendous growth in this matter. India’s foreign exchange reserves have currently exceeded Rs 46 lakh crore. It is the 5th largest reserve in the world. In 1950-51, the country’s forex reserve stood at just Rs 1029 crore.

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