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Increasing participation of women in the metaverse

Technology is known for providing equal opportunities. Despite this, however, technology is dominated by men. This situation is expected to change rapidly with the next generation of the Internet, Web3 or the Metaverse. It is being said that the metaverse will take internet parity to a whole new level. Creators like the gaming industry are expected to play a major role in driving the metaverse forward.

Simultaneously, women are reinventing themselves to change the current state of the internet and challenge the male dominance in the tech industry. Here are some of the women who are playing key roles in the metaverse:

Candice Houtkier, founder and director of Art Collision

Candice Houtkier, who has been exploring the Metaverse for the past six years, is working in virtual reality to revolutionize the international art market. He started Art Collision Agency, which provides marketing, website designing, consulting and creative services across digital, virtual reality and crypto networks. She is a prime example of women leading the way in the tech industry.

Mary Matheson, Film Director and VR Creator

Creative Director and Producer, Mary Matheson, combines the new technologies of Mobile Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with the technologies of Documentary to give viewers a unique storytelling experience.

Janine Yorio, Everyrealm Co-Founder and CEO

After selling her real estate investment app, Janine began betting on Metaverse properties for entertainment and it soon became a real business opportunity for her. He started Metaverse Investment Company. Having gained experience in new segments, he says that the most important factor in developing in the metaverse and creating NFTs is to understand the needs of these products by the communities.

Mary Spio,

who started her career as CEEK’s Founder and CEO Engineer, is the CEO of CEEK VR, a company that builds tools for virtual and augmented reality experiences. He has contributed to content and technologies for Boeing, Lucas Films, Universal Music and Microsoft Xbox.

Ang’l Artiste, Artist and VR Creator

Horizon Worlds creator, Ang’l Artiste, is involved in art and sculpting in virtual reality, holding exhibitions at her virtual black art museum and museum.

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