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Increase the life of your vehicle’s engine, just follow these easy tips

New Delhi. What puts life in the car is its engine and it is very important for every vehicle owners to take care of the engine, only then your vehicle’s engine will have a good life and you will also get good mileage. By maintaining the engine of the vehicle, you are rest assured during any journey. That’s why today we are going to tell you about the measures by which you can keep your engine fit forever.

Change filters from time to time

The air filter and oil filter in your car protect the engine, where the filter works to absorb dirt from the engine. Therefore, the filter should be cleaned daily as well as it should also be changed at a time interval, so that it can do its job properly and make the engine clean.

Keep an eye on engine oil level

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Make sure the coolant and engine oil levels are at the correct level. You can do this easily with dipsticks and the guide markings on their respective compartments. As mentioned, engine oil helps keep all your main engine components lubricated and functioning smoothly. Low engine oil level can cause problems with the engine of the vehicle. Therefore, keep regular monitoring of the engine oil of the vehicle.

Replace timing belt and spark plugs on time

A timing belt is used to ensure that your engine’s valves open and close when needed. It is an important aspect of the combustion process and is key to the performance and efficiency of your engine. A spark plug in a petrol engine ignites the air-fuel mix as it enters the engine through the inlet valve.

Drive the car comfortably so that your driving effect does not affect the engine of the car. A put is a progressive input during accelerating, braking or turning. Repeatedly speeding down from top-speed and using the brakes frequently puts more strain on the engine. So also make sure you are in the right gear for your speed. This will not put unnecessary load on your engine and will keep your vehicle running smoothly.


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