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Increase the life of the AC in these 5 easy ways, the car will cool down faster, there will be huge savings every month

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Car AC Tips & Tricks: In the era of global warming and rising heat, it has become difficult to think of a car without AC. Especially in the summer season, there is a need for AC in the car. This is the reason that the popularity of car ACs has also increased a lot and a lot of awareness has also been seen among the people about it. However, in order to keep the AC of your car working for a long time, it becomes very important to consider the 4 tips given below.

Remove Trapped Heat From Car

The car should be ventilated before using the AC. Apart from this, trap heat can be removed by sliding the car window before turning on the ignition. Due to this the temperature of the car comes down and the AC cools the car quickly.

Park the car in the shade

If you park the car away from direct sunlight, then the quality of AC will increase. The car should be parked in the shade or away from direct sunlight as it makes it easier for the AC to cool the car. A car parked in the sun gets very hot, due to which the AC takes time to cool the car.

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keep recirculation mode on

After a while of running the AC of the car, when the cold air starts spreading in the car, then the recirculation mode should be enabled. By enabling this mode, the AC does not draw outside air and the car uses only the air present in the cabin. Due to this mode, the AC is able to cool the car without much effort.

Dirty filters decrease cooling

If the AC filters are dirty, it can clog the intake of the car. Due to this, it can take a long time for the car to cool down. Therefore, efforts should be made to keep the AC filters clean and these filters should be cleaned from time to time. If there is too much waste in the filters, they can be replaced.

Get regular AC service

For better cooling in the car, it is necessary that the AC of the car should be serviced on time. This will ensure that the AC is in good condition and the AC will give better cooling. If the car’s AC is not used for a long time, then the AC


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