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Increase in the number of cities, profitability of the service, cargo taxi and moving service. The new owners of Citymobil told about its bright future

Last Friday, it became known that the management company People & People will acquire the assets of Citymobil, and now the new business owners have talked about what awaits the service. Prospects are rosy.

People & People CEO Igor Rudziy said that the company intends to continue investing in business development, increase the number of cities of presence, open new projects and make the taxi service profitable. The size of the investment is not specified, but before the new services, it will be a cargo taxi, moving and delivery service. The company also plans to introduce tariffs for trucks. The long-term goal is to increase capitalization and enter the public market (IPO). At the same time, the Gruzovichkof and Taxovichkof services, operated by People & People, are already issuers on the Moscow Exchange.

People & People will continue to provide taxi services under the Citymobil brand, as they rate it as “strong and loved by many.” According to Rudzia, the company has developed “a plan to make Citymobil a highly profitable business while maintaining a good income for drivers and decent customer service.” “We want drivers to earn good money and not depend on one service when they go on the line. We are against heavy commissions from the aggregator, so we will not increase the current percentage of the service, and in some regions we will even revise it in favor of drivers.”he said.

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