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Income Tax Relief: Bat-bat of job profession, will have to pay less tax than before; Will the Finance Minister announce?

Salaried Employee Expectations: The most part of the tax that the government has in the country is the Salaried loss. Lake is very low income tax exemption. This time the jobber is sitting very well with Budget 2023 ( Budget 2023 ). This time the budget will be presented on 1 February 2023 on behalf of the Minister of Xirla Sitaraman ( Nirmala Sitharaman ). Halanki Some experts also say that this will not be a populist budget.

Modi government’s last budget before the election
Sumit Mangal of Luthra & Luthra Law of this India says that this time Salaried loss employees can expect exemption based on both the income tax exemption limit and the tax lab. They said that taxpayers can be relieved in the 2023 budget by increasing the limit of the base or non-investment exemption of the standard or id-should. Indeed, the budget 2023-24 (Budget 2023-24 ) will be the last union budget of the Modi government before the 2024 election. It is being expected in such a way that it can be tempting the tax payers.

Expect to go for a new announcement in the budget
The government can announce new in this budget to अनुच्छेता अनुतारानिक in view of elections. Halanki is also a thing to keep in mind that the Indian economy has started recovering from the bad phase of the Cove id-19 epidemic. The government’s focus will be on presenting a budget emphasizing arthric and icas. According to experts, Salarid can expect this in the 2023 budget.

Increase in harna
The increase in rent after work from home calphar and cove id from the government can be increased in L’A House in Rent Allowance ( HRA). Halank i Many of the off is started working on the hibre it mode or from off isis.

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May increase 80C’s l’im it
Changes in the special tax regime can be made on behalf of the government to अनुलाना संबारालाना सकारण the salary giving income tax. Apart from this, the limit of non-investment can also be increased under section 80C. The limit of non-investment under 80C was increased 8 years ago. After that there was no relief in this kind. Being expected, it can be increased to two and a half lakh rupees.

Salaried class l’equs inset iv
In the budget 2023, the big announcement can be made about the standard de idkhan in the salaried clause. Being expected, the government can increase the existing 50 thousand rupees of limit to 80 rupees. This is more than the hope is because the salaried loss was nothing special from the budget.

Work from home allowance
During the Cove id-19 epidemic, many vibrations were started by the ‘Work from Home’ cul variable as The Ia. Many things changed during this time. Work from home allowance can be announced in this time budget from the government.

Possible change in income tax exemption limit
According to experts, the base exemption limit of income tax can be increased from two and a half lakh rupees to three lakh rupees. It has not changed for a long time. After this change, the tax burden will be reduced on the salaried clause.


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