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In “Yandex Music” there was a wave “Without words”

The Yandex team announced the launch of a new feature in the branded music service. Yandex Music users have access to a new “My Wave” setting, which is suitable if you need to focus or relax with music without words.

Generated by the Midjourney neural network

Wave “Without words” can be turned on in the background while working, reading or to relax before going to bed. According to the developers, for each user, “My wave” sounds different, since the algorithm takes into account various actions of the listener – from “likes” and skipping tracks to listening time and many others.

Illustration: Yandex

The algorithm also automatically detects the presence of a human voice in the tracks. In addition, the recommendations now use the audio model to analyze the content of the track. This allows you to better determine which sound is more to your liking now and adjust to the current mood.

The “Without words” setting is available in “My wave” on the main page of “Yandex Music” in applications and the web version.



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