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In what other countries, besides Russia, have introduced QR codes to combat coronavirus

There are nine countries on the Life list. They already have QR codes, and somewhere they are even obligatory for the employees of the companies.

  1. Italy… The country has a law according to which, in order to get to work, all employees need to present a Green Pass (QR code or paper certificate issued after vaccination, COVID-19 transfer, or if the coronavirus test is negative). This does not apply to those with an exemption from vaccination. If the employee does not have a Green Card, then he is suspended from work without pay. And if he forgets the certificate or QR code, then he can be fined from 600 to 1500 euros.
  1. Israel… There is a system of green passes, which also have a QR code. Depending on the reason for obtaining, such passes are issued for a different period: for those who have undergone a full vaccination or recovered after covid – for six months, with a positive result of a serological test – until March 31, 2022, with a negative result of a PCR test – for three days (for adults) or for a week (for children), with a negative result of the express test – for a day. Thanks to such “green passports”, citizens can attend cultural, sporting events, public places, etc.
  1. France… “Sanitary passes” have been introduced in the country. To get them, you need to either get vaccinated, or be ill with COVID-19, or get a negative test result for coronavirus. Such passes are needed to enter any institution and any event in France. They receive it through a special application – TousAntiCovid – or in paper form.
  1. Netherlands… Passes with QR codes have been introduced here since September 25 this year. But they are obligatory only for those who are over 13 years old. Passes will allow you to visit any public place, including a festival, concert, exhibition, cinema, etc. Moreover, takeaway food can be bought without a QR code.
  1. Great Britain… In England and Northern Ireland, there are no covid passports at all now. In Wales, the QR code is required for people over 18 years of age to visit cinemas, concert halls, theaters, nightclubs and similar places. You also need it to get to various events. As for Scotland, the pass here helps to go to clubs, entertainment venues for adults, and attend mass events.
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