Friday, February 23, 2024

In this matter, Tata and Musk’s influence has stunned the world, 2023 will be in the name of these two companies.

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The world’s top companies progress on the basis of their innovation. Constantly giving something new to its customers also reflects the companies’ thinking and honesty towards their customers. If we look at Boston Consulting Group’s list of the world’s most innovative companies, Elon Musk’s Tesla has become the second largest company in the world, beating the big companies. On the other hand, India’s largest business group Tata has returned to this list. The special thing is that Tata Group is included in the top 20 in this list. Let us also tell you which is the biggest innovative company in the world.

Apple is the most innovative

Apple has no equal in the world in terms of innovation. Even today, Apple is the number one company in the world in this matter. Bringing new phones for your customers every year and that too with new features is no small task.

Tesla overtook the giants

Tesla’s name is second in this list. The company has gained three ranks. It has defeated Microsoft, Amazon and Google. Microsoft has slipped from number 2 to number 5.

loss to walmart

Whereas in this list, Walmart has suffered the most loss in ranking. Walmart has lost 32 places in this ranking. Now it has slipped to 45th position in the innovation ranking.

Sony, Dell and Alibaba

If we talk about Sony, Dell and Alibaba, they have suffered a loss of more than 20 points in the ranking. Alibaba and Sony lost 22 rankings and have slipped down. Dell has lost 24 rankings.

These companies returned with Tata

On the other hand, Tata Group has returned in this ranking. Tata Group has been included in the top 20 companies of the world, which have maximum innovation. BYD has returned to 9th position in this list. The special thing is that SpaceX has also returned in this list. Exxon Mobil has returned to 15th position. Roche, McDonald, Merck, Mercedes-Benz Group, BMW are also included.

New names included in the list

Some new names have also been included in this list. BioNTech’s name has been included in the list of Most Innovative Company for the first time. Schneider Electric is also a new name in this list. Names of companies named Honeywell, Sinopec, Glencore, Stripe, Saudi Aramco, PetroChina and NTT have also been added to this list for the first time.


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