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In ‘this’ country, 1GB of data costs only 3 rupees, see how much it costs in India?

New Delhi: Countries with the cheapest mobile data: 4G connectivity is currently available in India, and 5G will also be available in the next few months. Internet usage in India has also increased significantly in the last few years. The increased popularity of online content and the availability of many OTT platforms has increased data usage. Ranked 5th in the Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing 2022 list. That is, internet is available in India at very low rates. In the past few months, telecom companies have increased the prices of their prepaid plans. Still the internet rate is very low.

Rates for 1 GB mobile data in 233 countries have been compared. According to this, the cheapest internet is available in Israel. Here, 1 GB data costs just $0.04 (around Rs. 3). St. Helena, an area in the South Atlantic Ocean, costs the highest 41.06 dollars (around Rs. 3,500) for 1 GB. Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing List 2022 is produced by According to the report, the top-5 countries with the cheapest mobile data are Israel, Italy, San Marino, Fiji and India. India is at the 5th position in the list, where users have to spend $0.17 (around Rs. 14) for 1GB of mobile data.

According to the report, most people in India are heavily dependent on mobile data. Also, data demand is also very high in India. So telecom companies also provide data at low cost. On the other hand, Israel is at the top in terms of 5G technology and cost. Internet costs are high in Sub-Saharan Africa as well. It costs an average of $4.47 (around Rs. 400) here. Internet is the most expensive in North America. Whereas in North Africa, an average of 1.05 dollars (about 80 dollars) has to be spent.

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