Monday, March 4, 2024

In the cloud you can now download and read electronic books

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In the Cloud a new function appeared — the ability to download and read electronic books in epub format, it is available both in the application, and in the web-version of the Cloud. The service allows to download and view various text documents, as well as jump to the necessary chapter in the content: inside each book available sections «References» and «Citations» for quick search of the necessary information.

Users can customize the font and color of the page as per their convenience. Cloud will remember the settings and will allow to return to the place of the book, where it was closed the last time. Additionally, you can share your library with other users via a private link from the cloud. At the moment reading and loading of electronic books is available in the application Cloud for OS Android and in the web-version, and soon the new possibility will be implemented and for iOS.

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